About Our Team

20170130_152346Started in 2015 during FTC’s Res-Q challenge, WASA is composed of 11 students from Wapak High School and is advised by Mr. Graham Fennell and Mrs. Kat Koeller. As a new team, WASA members have been diligently working to grow as a group and learn everything needed to have a functional robot and become a great team.

Our team has went through many stages and developed into a well-rounded, close, very productive, and respectful team. Throughout the ups and downs, trials and errors, and experimental building, we kept as a team and remained persistent at our goals to become the best team we possibly can. While working on our designs, we kept track of our progress. WASA just wants to become the best team we possibly can, while enjoying our engineering experiences as a team.

FTC Competition Awards 2016-2017 Season:
Winning Alliance – 2nd Team Selected (Van Wert Qualifying Tournament)

Connect Award for STEM Community Outreach (Van Wert Qualifying Tournament)

Judges Award (Cincinnati: States Competition)

WASA Robotics Club Brochure (.pdf download)